MAIF Car Insurance – What Makes It So Attractive?

Millions of people are injured and thousands lose their lives because of road accidents every year in the United States. So, it goes without saying that car insurance is one of the most important safety covers that you should have. Despite the importance, statistics show that almost 15 percent of car drivers in Maryland are uninsured. The reasons range from lack of affordability and ineligibility to negligence. If you live in Maryland and find it tough to buy insurance, you can opt to have one under MAIF car insurance scheme.

What is MAIF car insurance?

Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund or MAIF is an initiative to ensure that all drivers are covered by automobile insurance, especially those for whom cost is the major block. This is a special fund that is aimed at providing insurance for low income group people. So, needless to say, the policy is very cheap and affordable by every person. It is offered under private-public partnership. This policy has benefited more than 2500 uninsured drivers in the state.

What makes the policy so attractive?

Given below are some features.

* High affordability.

* Good coverage for most basic requirements including medical coverage, car repair costs, third party cover and others.

* High quality customer support and prompt service.

* Very low rejection figures.

* Easy availability and no involvement of additional middlemen. There are no agents and brokers for MAIF car insurance. Policies can be directly bought from existing auto insurance companies. Also, the policy does not entail additional qualification criteria.

* Easy premium payment options. Multiple channels such as credit and debit card, online transfer and checks are accepted.

* All information is easily available online.

The popularity of MAIF policies is manifested in the fact that the plan never had to be advertised extensively at huge budgets. With simple ways of spreading word about the service, MAIF experienced a splurge of uninsured drivers. The numbers are growing by the day. With many features and benefits, it is no wonder that the policy is so attractive.

Car insurance is mandatory in the United States and this applies to Maryland as well. In case you fail to buy insurance or let your insurance policy lapse, you are liable for penalties. Some of the undesirable repercussions that you might face are loss of registration privilege in the state, loss of license plates, penalties of up to $150 per month, $25 restoration fee for re-registration and any other penalties that courts might impose. In order to avoid all these troubles, you can purchase cheap and easy MAIF insurance.

You cannot refute the importance of car insurance, not even when you are unable to buy a policy. All residents of Maryland can enjoy benefits of cheap insurance and avoid problems due to lack of this safety net.

Roadway Insurance Inc is a company that offers good deals in MAIF car insurance. Details about the policy have clearly been outlined on the company’s website. To know more about the services provided and costing, please visit:

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