What Kind of Car Insurance do Cleburne Residents Need?

Is car insurance kind of a jumble in your mind? For many people here in Cleburne, paying for car insurance feels like the kind of expense you can’t afford. Who wants to pay extra just in case something bad happens? Why is it required that you insure your car and yourself at all? There are a few different types of car insurance available, and while it may not seem obvious, your best option may not be the cheapest option.

The Damage You Cause

The reason that liability car insurance is required is simply because you could cause a lot of damage and not have the money to pay for it. Or turn it around the other way, consider how you’d feel if someone drove through the side of your home and it turned out they had no insurance and no money. No matter how many lawyers you hire, you’re not going to get any money out of that idiot. But if they had liability insurance for their car, that insurance would pay for the damage they caused, rather that forcing you to pay for it. Not entirely unreasonable.

In an accident where you are deemed at fault, where you cause damage or injury to another car, person, or property, liability insurance will pay for the damage and medical care, up to the limit set in your car insurance policy.

Damage Caused By Others

If you are not at fault in an accident, you want the other person to have liability insurance. That’s why we’re all required to have at least that basic coverage. But what happens when you only have liability insurance but the other person doesn’t have insurance? Somebody runs a stop sign, puts your car in the ditch with major damage, and then manages to run off without giving you their information? If you only have liability insurance, you’re out of luck. And of course, if you’re at fault the damage to your own car isn’t covered by liability insurance. But if you have comprehensive insurance, your own car insurance will cover the damage, both to your car and the other car.

Comprehensive insurance is much more expensive than just liability insurance. But the cost of needing to pay for damage done to your car – no matter whose fault it is – is much, much higher. Whatever type of car insurance you choose, just remember that it is up to you to pay what you don’t insure against. Don’t get stranded with a big bill, get sufficient car insurance for Cleburne.


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