4 Big Benefits of SR-22 Auto Insurance Coverage After an Infraction

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Insurance

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When you’ve been convicted of certain traffic infractions, the court may require you to file an SR-22 form to secure coverage. This document tells the state that you have enough liability insurance, and you may be required to have it if you’ve had a DUI, an at-fault accident, or are a repeat offender. Read on to learn several benefits of an SR-22.

Following the Law

SR-22 insurance is usually required by the state. If you want to reclaim your driving privileges after a serious infraction, you’ll need it in order to avoid further legal action, fines, and jail time.

Driving Without Worry

It’s illegal to drive with a suspended license. Once you get behind the wheel, you may face fines, jail time, and other serious consequences. When those restrictions are lifted, however, you can file for an SR-22 policy to prove that you have the proper liability coverage. Upon signing up for an SR-22 in Illinois, the carrier will notify the state, and you’ll be all set.

Greater Protection

No one thinks they’ll be in an accident, but it happens more often than we think. With the right liability insurance, you and your car will be protected. By filing an SR-22 in Illinois, you’re documenting your liability coverage and protecting yourself from legal action after an accident.

Safety Awareness

Purchasing SR-22 coverage allows drivers to get back and forth to work. Sometimes, this makes a person a safer driver because they know that further issues could extend the SR-22 requirement or result in a lengthy license suspension. To file an SR-22 in Illinois, you’ll have to show your DMV history, your vehicle’s condition, and the roadworthiness of the vehicle. Shopping for lower rates and quotes will help you stay more safety conscious. Call Accurate Auto Insurance to request a quote or visit us at https://www.accurateautoins.com/ for additional information.

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