An Investment Option in Heirloom Timepieces

by | Sep 28, 2012 | Finance

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For most people, watches are ordinary accessories that are strapped on the wrist to determine the correct time. Different kinds of watches are available on the market which includes replica watches that imitate the highly expensive watches that are beyond the financial capacity of an ordinary office employee. Online stores offer replicas of the most expensive watches in the world like Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe and Girard Perregaux to name a few for highly affordable prices. However, the authentic luxury watches are products of engineering and art combined to produce a timepiece that will provide the precise time even for generations.

The kinds of luxury watches are what the affluent look for and if you are thinking of making an investment in authentic timepieces be sure of the possible returns on investment. If you get hold of a vintage watch which you think can provide good profits to the investment, make sure that it comes with the proper documents and receipts to prove its originality. Even dealers who buy original timepieces like Watch Buyer Chicago will look for these details which will dictate the price range they will offer for the watch.

One mistake which you should never do when getting hold of a vintage watch is to restore it. It will destroy the originality and authenticity of the watch and make it lose its considerable value. These watches need to be handled with proper care so as not to succumb to wear and tear but don’t make the mistake of changing its original appearance just for the sake of making a higher profit. Watch Buyer Chicago can be very cautious in investing in the watches since this not only involves a great deal of money but the ability of being able to resell it to prospective customers for a profit.

Some watches can be considered as collector’s items while some are classified as luxurious due to the diamonds and precious gems it contains. Production of these watches is limited hence collectors are closely watching their availability in auction sales. Some watches may have a greater value because it is heirloom with a history. If you have a precise plan to diversify your portfolio, an investment can provide you with big returns once you can offer what these collectors are looking for.

You can buy old or new watches with limited edition. The reputation of the watch makers greatly influences the price of the watches since it is accepted that these watches have outstanding quality and precision. A Patek Philippe watch can easily break the $1 million mark but they don’t make many of them. It is pretty cool to buy a watch for $1.5 million but there are people who can afford to do so and just waiting for the opportunity to have one.

However, this kind of investment needs a careful analysis on how much you are willing to invest and the expected returns on the investment. Spend time to study your potential clients for these high-end items before making a final decision.



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