Benefits of a Conventional Loan

by | May 4, 2018 | Financial Services

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The main problem with most types of loans is that they’re risky. Some can fall through, others can have additional costs that you didn’t see coming, among many other issues. So, when people go in for a loan, they’re probably going to be looking for something safe, that they can work with without any real worries. Conventional loans are a great way to go. Conventional loans are similar to other loans, except that they are not government sponsored. If you are looking for mortgage companies in Charlotte NC, here are the benefits of getting a conventional loan.

#1. Faster elimination time. One of the things borrowers look forward to the most is the moment they can petition to have their mortgage insurance eliminated. This means they no longer have to pay back what they owe if they owe anything at all anymore. For FHA borrowers, that time is about 5 years after the day they accept the loan and start paying off the down payment. However, with a conventional mortgage, a borrower only has to keep paying on time for 2 years, significantly less time than other types of mortgages.

#2. Adjustable. This is a type of conventional loan, wherein it begins with a fixed-rate for a number of years that’s fixed at the beginning and becomes adjustable later on. This is great because it adds flexibility to the way you pay off your loans. So, if in the future, you find yourself with significantly more income than you had when you started, you can adjust your loan, so you can pay off more at a time and potentially get it done faster.

#3. Amortizable. These have a continual interest rate through the duration of the loan. The term is usually 20-40 years. However, the longer the term is, the lower your rate tends to be, so it all evens out. There’s a good reason people prefer conventional loans these days over other types of loans.

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