Benefits of Tax Consultant Services in Atlanta, GA

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Tax Services

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If you have the desire and time, you can certainly prepare your own income taxes for submission to the various government entities. However, many people appreciate the benefits of handing over this work to a qualified tax consultant in Atlanta, GA. You could benefit from the expertise these consultants provide regarding tax issues and tax filing.

Handle Complicated Returns
Some individuals have complicated returns of a personal or business nature. In many situations, it is very helpful to utilize the services of a professional tax specialist. A professional can look at all your information, organize it properly, and prepare the correct forms accurately for submission to the IRS as well as state governments.

Gain More Deductions and Credits
A professional tax consultant can help you identify the deductions and credits for which you qualify. Although software could potentially help you access these money-saving benefits, a professional may be able to find more deductions and credits than you could by utilizing software.

Save Time
Although you could take the time to prepare your own taxes, the time and energy you spend may be better spent on other efforts. The professional already has the knowledge necessary to prepare and file your return accurately. This can free you up from having to gain the knowledge you need or spend the long hours necessary to ensure you file an accurate return.

Benefit from Sophisticated Software
A professional tax specialist who provides optimal results for his or her clients may invest in some of the most technologically advanced software available for helping clients. This software will likely be more sophisticated than the software you may purchase for home use. A professional consultant can utilize the software to organize data, scan documents, and complete the necessary tax forms on your behalf.

Help with Audits
Your chance of being audited is quite low if you earn less than $200,000 a year – in fact it is less than one percent. However, if you earn more than $200,000 a year, your likelihood of receiving an audit from the IRS is closer to 3 to 4%. Using a special consultant for your taxes can help you prepare and file an accurate return. At the same time, your consultant can help you manage an audit if it happens.

If you need help with your taxes, consider taking advantage of the services offered by a professional tax consultant serving the Atlantic, GA area.

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