A Debt Collection or Recovery Agency is an agency that buys negligent debt. Then they try to collect this debt by any means. The agencies send letters and call you multiples times a day in order to get in touch with you to arrange for you to pay off your debt. When your bills are overdue, you might start receiving calls from debt collection agency. However, the debt collection agencies may not contact you at inopportune times. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) a debt collection or recovery agency cannot call you before or after a certain time unless otherwise agreed to. An oral or written statement can keep a debt collector from calling you at work.

To stop a debt collection or recovery agency from calling you is make arrangements with them to pay off your debt. You can also tell the agency in writing stated that you do not want any further notifications from them. Make sure you make a copy of the letter that you send via certified letter. The only time a collection agency can contact after that is to let you know they will not be contacting you. They may contact you letting you know that they filed a lawsuit against you to obtain the money they owed.

A debt collection or recovery agency cannot harass you or a third party by way of threats of any kinds, obscene language, and publishing your name in any way other than to credit reporting agency. Debt Collection or recovery agencies are not allowed to give false statements about themselves or misstate the amount you owe, and telling you have committed a crime.

Once you’re done turning over your unpaid accounts in the hands of a capable debt collection and recovery agency, you benefit from extra time and funds that can be employed to fuel business inflow, build on revenues which the agency works towards recovering your bad debts and secures your hard earned money.

debt collection

debt collection