Experts Ready to Guide You Through the Stock Exchange Process in Utah

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Financial Services

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If you are looking for a provider to help you with creating and maintaining a successful public company and a provider that takes time to develop a positive relationship with its shareholders. it is crucial to find a reliable issuer service provider. In order for them to handle the cap table management or stock transfers, you want a company that is focused on providing personalized service and innovative technology while delivering cost savings and a full suite of services including SEC EDGAR filings, IPO, crowdfunding software, and issuer compliance services. Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc is a stock transfer and cap table management services provider located in the stock exchange district and Silicon Slopes in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Their full-service shareholder meetings use an online proxy voting platform so your proxy voting campaign can be managed. Issuer services include transfer agent services, which entail IPO, Private Company, Crowdfunding, and Regulation A+ services. Issuer services also include Proxy and Annual meeting services which entail virtual shareholder meeting services, proxy meeting planning, notice and access services, and internet proxy voting services.

For the shareholders, Colonial Stock offers a stock transfer guide, restriction removals, lost stock certificates, shareholder forms, and shareholder resources like medallion signature guarantees. They also have expert transfer agents on their staff, appointed by the corporation, mutual fund, or company to act as the master security holder recordkeeping agent and maintain the stockholder ledger and process any changes.

With tailored crowdfunding services and the skills to handle the cap table management and much more, Colonial Stock is a reliable company to work with. To learn more about what they can offer you, visit

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