Five Reasons to Work with A Mortgage Broker in West Hartford, CT

When a person is financially ready to purchase a home, they often want to shop around for lenders so that they can get the lowest interest rate possible. If the individual wants to be sure that they are getting the best rate, they should consider working with a mortgage broker in West Hartford, CT. There are a few things that a mortgage broker can do that the borrower cannot do on their own.

Mortgage Brokers Offer More Options

Mortgage brokers have access to a variety of mortgage renewal programs and home financing options. This can help the mortgage broker find the borrower the best loan based on their credit score. They can also give the borrower down payment assistance options. This isn’t something that the average person will have access to.

Personalized Service

Mortgage brokers receive a commission when the loan closes. Because of this, they have the incentive to give the borrower personalized service. On average, a broker will handle between 5 to 10 transactions each month. This will give them the time to give the borrower and their mortgage all the attention that they need.

Flexible Hours

Most mortgage brokers have very flexible hours. If a person is at work from 8 am to 5 pm, they would need to take time out of work to visit a traditional lender to discuss their mortgage options. Since the individual is about to buy a home, chances are they won’t be able to afford to take time out of work. Mortgage brokers work flexible hours and they will meet with the borrower based on their schedule.

Faster Closing

Most borrowers want to close on the loan as quickly as possible. This is the main goal of the broker as well because they don’t get their commission until the loan closes. Because of this, the broker will speed up the processing so that the loan closes quickly and everyone is happy.

Mortgage Brokers Are Trustworthy

Borrowers can trust the mortgage broker that they work with. This is because mortgage brokers are held to strict, regulated standards which would hold them accountable if something were to go wrong.

If a person is planning to buy their first home or if they want to renew their current mortgage, they should work with a mortgage broker in West Hartford, CT. Contact GreyTree Mortgage for more information.

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