Four Tips For Settling Your Claim With a Homeowners Insurance Agency in Milbury, MA

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Insurance

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When property damage occurs because of flooding, storms, vandalism, or theft, it is imperative homeowners immediately contact their Homeowners Insurance Agency in Milbury MA. The sooner a homeowner contacts their insurance company, the sooner the claims process can begin. It can be helpful for a homeowner to know what to expect during the claims process so they are fully prepared and can protect their rights.

These four tips should make the claims process easier for homeowners.

     *     As soon as damage occurs, it behooves an owner to begin documenting their damages through video and photos. The insurance company is going to send out an adjuster for evaluating the damage, but it never hurts to start documenting early. No cleanup or repairs should be carried out until the adjuster has completed a walkthrough.

     *     It is wise for homeowners to carefully review their homeowner’s insurance declarations page to determine what damages will be covered. If the home has experienced severe damage and is not habitable until repairs are carried out, the policy may cover additional living expenses that will pay for a hotel, pet boarding, and other expenses that may result from the damages and losses.

     *     Valuables need to be documented for the insurance company to review. If possible, homeowner’s should gather bank statements and receipt purchases to verify the belongings that were damaged in the home. The policy may only offer the depreciated value and not the replacement cost, depending on the policy terms. The more information the homeowner can provide their adjuster, the smoother the claims process.

     *     Should the loss or damage be caused by theft or vandalism, it is imperative a homeowner contacts the police right away. The insurance company will need a copy of the police report for their records so it is wise to obtain this as soon as possible after the initial report has been filed.

If your home has been damaged, it is important you immediately contact your homeowners insurance agency in Milbury MA. If you are in need of a homeowner’s insurance policy and would like to learn further information, Visit Northeast Insurance Agency Inc. They will help you ensure your property is properly covered.

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