Government Mandated Health Insurance in Austin TX is Delayed By One Year

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Insurance

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Most business owners have kept an eye on the news concerning health care. Under the major health reform that was signed into law in 2010, employers who have at least 50 employees only had until 2014 to offer health insurance to all of their employees, or risk incurring a major penalty. This law aims to ensure that health benefits would be offered to most working employees.

Most companies employing more than 50 employees are already offering Health Insurance Austin TX . As a matter of fact, statistics show that over 90% of these companies already offer insurance to their employees. While the original deadline was 2014, it has now been extended until 2015, with the government promising to provide regulatory guidelines soon. 2014 will be a transitional period in which employers will be able to expand their health coverage.

Statistically this really does not impact the major companies that are already offering health insurance as a part of their benefit package. As stated above, most companies that have over 50 employees are already offering it. There are a very small percentage of companies that are not; but the net increase in the number of employees that will gain insurance will be very slim. Companies that do not already offer Health Insurance Austin TX often cite the employer costs of offering this benefit. It is the fear of the masses that employers will offset those costs by eliminating jobs.

The people that would benefit the most from the change in Health Insurance Austin TX would be those that currently do not have insurance. Many of these are part-time employees, or employees of small companies that do not offer benefits at all. These are the people that would be the most impacted from the delay as well. If not offered through an employer there is still an individual mandate that state most US residents will be required to obtain coverage.

The delay in implementation is continued fodder for the fight between the parties and is seen as a setback for the current administration. Opponents of the administration would like nothing more than to repeal the law and replace it with something that they view as more patient centered. What that is has never been defined.

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