Health Care Marketplace: Information Needed to Get Your Quote

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Insurance

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The American Healthcare Marketplace has improved things for some people in the US, including those in Atlanta, GA. Still, to get enrolled in your Atlanta GA state exchange health plans, you are going to have to get a quote. You will be asked to provide the following.

Your Zip Code

The first thing you are going to have to provide is your full address. You are going to have to make sure you can prove your residence as you attempt to get this quote.

Who’s Going to Need it?

The next thing you’ll have to answer to get your quote for Atlanta GA state exchange health plans is who needs heath care in your household. Just input their names into the system so that you are given an accurate quote.

Number of People in Your Tax Household

Sometimes, the number of people that need health care is not the same as the number of people in your tax household. It is important that you disclose how many people are in your household if you do not want to deal with any delays. You all need health care as soon as possible, so it is vital that you follow directions, and don’t accidentally report something incorrectly.

Yearly Household Income

You are going to have to input how much your entire household makes a year. You need to input the amount before taxes and payroll deductions are applied. This information is important to help determine how much of a discount you are eligible for.

Keep in mind that most of this information can be found on your tax returns from last year. You can talk to a representative at Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace through the phone or online by visiting There, you’ll get assistance so that you know what to do during this process.

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