How to benefit from your checking account

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Finance

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Having a bank account is an important step to make in your life especially if you want to set your finances straight. To save and buy things that would make your life comfortable and stress-free, consider opening a bank account with your nearest bank. For your daily expenses and other ongoing activities, a checking account will suit you best. However, if you have such an account you can make it deliver better services by considering a number of factors. To benefit from their checking accounts, Fall River residents should do the following.

Make debit card payments

For convenient banking services, apply for a debit card. This card will enable you to access funds in your account electronically and use them to pay for services. With a debit card, you can shop in both local and online stores and pay for services received electronically. In addition, the card has a secure passcode that will protect you from fraud and theft. Ultimately, it will enable you to transfer money between accounts and make withdrawals or deposits.

Track money spent through email and mobile phone alerts

Online banking is convenient. Just by logging into your checking account, you can view the history of all payments made over a specific period. You can also pay bills online via checking accounts Fall River banks provide. You do not have to go to your bank physically. Therefore, it is important that you take advantage of the text and email alert services banks offer. This way you will easily receive notifications on how your account is faring.

Link your savings account to your checking account

In case you want to buffer up the amount in your savings account, you can achieve that easily through your checking account. By linking your checking accounts Fall River banks offer to your savings accounts, some banks will allow you to start transferring cash whenever you feel like. In addition, if you run out of cash in your checking account, you can top it up from your savings account.

Use ATM services

After setting up a checking account, most banks will issue you with an ATM card. You can use this card to make transactions in ATM machines located in stores, restaurants, and other places. With your ATM card, you can make deposits, withdrawals and even get financial mini-statements.

To gain more from their checking accounts, Fall River residents should therefore put these guidelines to use.

Make your banking simpler and more convenient by making your checking account work for you. No more worries about cash as you make emergency purchases.



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