How To Choose A Company For A Wisconsin Predominant Use Study

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Financial Services

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There are many different companies offering to complete a predominant use study for manufacturers, processors, and other qualifying businesses and plants throughout Wisconsin.

Choosing the right company is important, as accuracy, experience, and expertise in the predominant use study process is a critical factor. Choosing a service with your best interests at the center of what they do is an essential part of maximizing your utility sales tax exemption without any errors.

Review Process

A top company can look at utility invoices and complete an initial review. This review is used to determine if the business qualifies for the utility sales tax exemption. It also provides a clear picture of the potential savings once the taxes are reduced.

This information is provided to the business for their review. Questions are answered and, if the company decides to move ahead, the utility study should be scheduled in a timely fashion.

Completing the Study

Look for a service offering a predominant use study with experience in working with the regulations specific to Wisconsin. Ask the provider if they have completed these studies in the state. If you have multiple locations across different states that offer a utility sales tax exemption, be sure the provider can complete those studies as well.


Providers completing the utility study support the business by completing the required refund filing and filing the necessary exemption certificates with each utility.

Let the team at B. Riley Financial provide your Wisconsin business with the required predominant use study. To schedule an initial complimentary review, contact us at

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