How Tracking Software Optimizes Salt Lake City Employee Stock Option Plans

by | May 5, 2020 | Financial Services

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In some events, stock can be offered to employees with options, in which employees have the right to sell company stock if it increases to a specified price within a set time. Stock options are usually on offer as an employee plan and an incentive for employees to stay with the company, helping to improve the stock price.

What is Stock Option Tracking?

Stock options tracking software helps both the issuing party, the company, and the investors, employees, manage plans online while staying up to date with the transfer agent. The software, which can be available to private and public companies, is a secure and efficient means of keeping track of vesting schedules, investor documents, and other relevant items.

What are the Benefits of Tracking Software?

The benefits of stock option and employee plan tracking software might include:

  • Account access at any time
  • Support for stock option plans and ESPP, employee stock purchase plans, which may include RSAs, RSUs, NQSOs, ISOs, warrants, preferred, restricted and common securities and others
  • Direct access to employee choice activity and other records
  • Investor-exclusive online platforms
  • Stock option plan updates along with other relevant information in real time
  • Cost basis tax information, compiled according to choice and ESPP activity
  • Customized and detailed reports on vesting schedules and stock option plans
  • Issuer-administration for management of employees and portal users

Additional Features

Other stock option tracking features might include real-time strike price adjustment, updates on ESPP activity, holdings and preferences, information on both uniform and non-uniform vesting schedules, option forfeiture rates and terms calculation, conversion of warrants and options to shares through the transfer agent and dedicated support.

Contact a Dedicates Accounts Management Provider in the Salt Lake Area

Industry-level cap table management providers and stock transfer agents in Salt Lake City can provide ultramodern encrypted software with individual portals for issuers, employees, and admins. They will also be able to keep daily backups against potential loss and supply comprehensive software, allowing companies to better manage their cap tables and employee stock option plans. Visit EquityTrack online at or contact the company at (801)-433-9925 to find out which plan is right for your business.

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