Make Sure You Get the Best Rates on SR-22 Insurance

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Loans

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Are you puzzled about what SR-22 insurance is or how to get it? After looking at this brief overview, you’ll understand more about SR-22 so that you can ensure you get the right coverage. And if you’re looking for insurance in Chicago, SR-22 insurance rates can be obtained from a proper agency.

The SR-22 Defined

The term SR-22 is the name of a document that proves that an individual is insured properly. A number of states require the individual to have this document in certain cases. These are usually instances of repeat or serious traffic offenses. Examples are being caught driving without a license or getting into an at-fault accident without having insurance. An SR-22 allows one to keep his or her driving privileges or to reinstate them.

How Much Does it Cost?

The SR-22 document itself is very inexpensive, and the exact price varies state to state. The cost of the actual insurance policy that goes with the document can be expensive, though. The exact price will depend on where one is located. For example, if you are located in Chicago, it’s best to work with a reliable company in Chicago for SR-22 insurance rates.

How Long Does the SR-22 Last?

The length of time that someone has to keep their SR-22 insurance will also vary state to state. For example, for people who require SR-22 insurance for the first time, that requirement can very often last for 3 years. For those requiring SR-22 insurance who have repeat or serious offenses on their records that required an SR-22 in the past, the length of time might be 5 years. A number of different factors would be taken into consideration.

How Do You Get It?

In most cases, someone finds out if he or she needs SR-22 insurance by a court order. A state’s Department of Motor Vehicles will also be able to provide that information. An individual can’t file the form. It has to be filed with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles by an insurance company.

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