Restaurant Owners Need Business Insurance in Greensburg, PA

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Insurance

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Operating a restaurant involves more than putting together a menu, ordering supplies and food preparation. To be successful in the restaurant business, you’ll need to strike a balance between skill, customer service and product presentation. When you’re looking to protect the time and money invested into your restaurant, Business Insurance in Greensburg, PA is a necessity.

What Business Insurance Does

This type of insurance protects your restaurant from the various risks that are part of daily operations. No matter the size of your eatery, you’ll encounter difficulties that have the potential to result in litigation. Slip-and-falls, malfunctioning equipment and other mishaps are just a few of the issues that can arise in the restaurant business.

Having the right coverage can make the difference between paying a claim and going out of business. Every restaurant should get coverage that suits their needs, but there are common coverage types that all will need in different policy limits or amounts.

General Liability

Today’s society is sometimes litigious, and to protect your restaurant, you should have general liability insurance. Liability insurance protects you from claims and lawsuits brought as a result of injuries and property damage. For restaurant owners, liability coverage protects against claims such as slip and fall accidents and food poisoning.

Property Insurance

Many policies are appropriate for restaurants, but property insurance is a must-have. If a worker sets a fire in the kitchen, your property insurance will cover the damage. It covers floods, earthquakes, explosions, fire and theft, and it covers your building as well as the contents.

Liquor Liability Coverage

If your restaurant has a liquor license, state law requires you to have liquor liability insurance. This type of essential coverage protects you and your company from the legal liability brought about by customers that drink too much and injure themselves or someone else while intoxicated.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

In most states, businesses must have worker’s comp coverage for their employees. This type of business insurance covers workers who are hurt on the job, paying their lost wages and medical bills brought about by permanent or temporary disabilities.

No matter what type of restaurant you own, Business Insurance in Greensburg, PA is a must-have. Talk to an insurance agent to learn which policies are best for you, and to determine what coverage limits will help you protect your investment without going over budget.

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