Secrets to Making the Most of Saving Interest Rates

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Financial Services

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Saving Interest Rates vary greatly not only by the financial institution but also by the type of account selected. In fact, these rates may vary anywhere from .2 percent all the way up to 4 percent or more. Before a person selects a financial institution to work with, however, they need to do some research and compare various elements of the account before they make their final choice. Following are some of the secrets to finding a great financial institution to work with when it comes to saving money.

Look at high-yield savings accounts online. See how much they are offering on their savings accounts and see if a local bank can come anywhere close to matching this rate. Although it is much more difficult for brick and mortar banks to do so, as they have higher overhead, more banks are increasing their rates in an effort to remain competitive.

Find an account that doesn’t have minimum balance requirements or fees. Most banks require a certain amount be deposited into the account when it is opened, but make certain there are no balance requirements after that. There is no need to pay for moving or withdrawing money once the account has been established, yet many financial institutions still impose these penalties.

Make the most of the account by having money automatically deposited. Doing so makes it harder to overlook this task and ensures the savings account continues to increase. With automatic deposits, the account will start to grow, and this often provides the motivation people need to save even more.

To learn more about Saving Interest Rates at Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union, visit the website. Here individuals can see the rates for various types of accounts, such as a savings account and a savings certificate. The site also provides information on home, auto and personal loan interest rates and provides an auto buying guide and more for consumers. These are only a few of the many resources found here, as the credit union wants to ensure its customers have the facts they need to make informed financial decisions. In addition, they have special offers for members that everyone should check out. This is a great place to save money, finance a home or car and more. You can also like them on Facebook.

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