Transfer Money to India from UK

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Financial Services

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Money transfer is all about urgency with respect to time. Therefore, people who want to send money to India sometime do invest time to search more information about remittance which could benefit them before using the remittance service. Nowadays online remittance process has evidently won the confidence of customers who used to prefer traditional methods like money transfer agents, bank transfer, cheque etc.

There are infinite reasons behind transacting hard earned money to native country so it is very obvious that Non Resident Indians will put faith in the company which is well-versed with Indian psych and sentiments. So the moment you decide to transfer money to India from UK, just think about RemitGuru’s remittance service for your benefit. We cater to the large number of customers overseas and deliver exemplary remittance experience; RemitGuru is truly customer centric company, all the schemes and programs are sculpted after thorough assessment of feedback/responses given by customers. We enlighten our customers through the blogs and articles about latest trends on regular basis.

RemitGuru has recently launched a mobile app to enhance your remittance experience; it can be accessed from android devices as well as iOS devices. RemitGuru’s mobile app includes all the features and programs that are currently available on website.

Feeling of gratitude cannot be described in words, after succeeding in our attempt to live up to the expectations of our esteemed customers. We are first to introduce three different options for online money transfer in UK. Best Rate is a new option offered by RemitGuru; it ensures highest exchange rate at the cost of nominal token fee. If you need any assistance or have any query regarding the money transfer procedure, feel free to seek help of professional customer support.

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