Two Crucial Things You Need to Know About Cap Table Planning in the USA

A cap table lists all the shares, warrants and equity grants owned by each shareholder. It’s a great way to see how much everyone owns in your company. Below are things you should know about cap table management if it’s your first time.

It Has a Simple Start

In the beginning, the process is straightforward. However, as your startup grows and becomes more successful, you might find that things start getting more complicated; that’s when having a cap tool management platform will come in handy. Cap tables may not seem like much at first glance, but they significantly impact your business’s ability to grow and succeed.

It Can Lead to Disputes

The problem with the cap table is that it can be inaccurate if they’re not regularly updated. It is because there are many ways for a company to misreport its financial information–for example, writing off expenses that haven’t been paid yet, or failing to account for the cost of capital.

If your cap table is inaccurate, your leadership team might have disputes. It could lead to disputes in accounting and equity option grants–and if those disputes are left unresolved for too long, it could even lead to lawsuits. So make sure your cap table is accurate and regularly updated so that everything runs smoothly throughout your business.

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