What Drivers Should Ask Car Insurance Companies When Buying Insurance

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Insurance

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In Ohio, drivers purchase auto coverage to provide a variety of coverage levels. The insurance provides funds under certain conditions to pay for medical treatment or property damage. The following is what drivers should ask Car Insurance Companies when buying insurance.

When is Comprehensive Coverage Required?

Comprehensive coverage is required when the driver has an existing auto loan financing the vehicle. The terms of the auto loan require them to maintain comprehensive insurance for the full duration of the loan. The loan contract may specify a specific value for the coverage. The driver must abide by these terms, or the loan provider can repossess the vehicle.

What Policy Complements Liability Coverage and Why?

Since liability covers the other driver’s vehicle, the owner could acquire collision coverage to obtain protection for their own vehicle. These policies provide them with funds to repair their own vehicle. The coverage is limited to certain types of collisions, however. The driver must review the specifics of the policy to identify what types of accidents are covered and what value is available.

What are the Standard Terms of Auto Insurance Coverage?

A liability policy provides coverage for the other driver’s vehicle and medical requirements. In Ohio, drivers need at least $25,000 for the first individual’s injuries. It provides a total payout of $50,000. The policy also offers $25,000 for auto repair requirements. These are the standard requirements. The driver may increase the values at any time to increase the coverage amount.

What are Some Ways to Acquire Discounts?

Discounts are available for policies in which multiple cars are added. Policyholders acquire discounts for clear driving records. Teen drivers acquire discounts for high grade point averages as well as safe driving records. Seniors receive discounts as well. Any policyholder that doesn’t driver often also pay lower premiums.

In Ohio, drivers are required by law to maintain auto insurance coverage. The highest coverage level that is required is liability insurance. However, if the automobile is financed through a loan, the driver must acquire comprehensive coverage. Automobile owners who need coverage contact Car Insurance Companies or visit for more information or a free quote today.

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