What Exactly Is an Sr-22?

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Finance

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A SR-22 is a form of certification that is added to an insurance policy. A SR-22 is required by almost every state when a driver is in-fault of a car accident and doesn’t have legal insurance coverage. Other situations where you may be required to have a SR-22 include any serious moving violation, DUI, repeat offender of traffic violations, and license revoked. If any of these scenarios have happened to you in Illinois, then you need to find an insurance provider that can assist you with a SR-22 in Illinois.

Filing an SR-22

To receive an SR-22 in Illinois, you need to contact an insurance agent to purchase liability insurance. Inform the agent provider as to why you need liability insurance and they will do their best in making sure you get an affordable coverage plan. After you have committed to buying an insurance policy, discuss with the agent that you also need an SR-22 certification. An agent will also help you in making sure your SR-22 gets filed.

Be Responsible

The idea behind having an SR-22 on your record is that drivers who are considered be a high risk need to show they have at least the minimum level of liability coverage on their car. By issuing an SR-22 certification the insurance provider is ensuring you will keep this insurance in effect for the specific time frame you need it. If by chance your insurance policy is revoked or cancelled, it is the insurance provider’s legal obligation to report you to the DMV. When this happens your license may be revoked or suspended again. It is very important to keep your insurance coverage in place when you are required by the court to have an SR-22. If you would like more information about SR-22, contact Accurate Auto Insurance today by visiting their website. Like us on our facebook page.

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