What Services Does A Payroll Tax Accountant Provide?

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Loans

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Accountants produce financial records for businesses of all sizes. However, for small business owners, they help them to manage payroll for their employees more efficiently. For these owners, the knowledge current tax laws are paramount. This is how a Payroll Tax Accountant could help.

Calculating Tax Deductions

Employee time sheets provide the accountant with the exact number of hours worked. The wages assigned to each employee allow the accountant to calculate their total pay. The accountant reviews the total tax deduction required according to the employee’s total dependents. Once these requirements are determined, they are removed from the employee’s wages. The accountant produces a record for the employee’s wages and deductions.

Calculating Payroll Deductions

Next, the Payroll Tax Accountant reviews the benefits assigned to the employee. The accountant deducts the cost of benefits such as health, dental, and pension requirements. The funds are sent out according to the owner’s requirements. For example, if they have a group rate for employee insurance, the funds are added to these payments.

Generating Tax Forms for Employees

The tax accountant produces a tax form for each employee at the end of the year. These forms reflect the total tax payments made by the employee. The tax accountant delivers these forms as an attachment to the current paycheck or through the mail.

Preparing Tax Returns

Small business owners utilize the services of tax accountants to complete their yearly tax returns. This includes both federal and state returns. The accountants utilize financial records prepared throughout the year to report the owner’s income and profits. They’ll include deductions for all quarterly tax payments submitted on behalf of the business owner. These accountants are also familiar with tax laws and could help the business owner to save on these expenses.

Small business owners who utilize the services of a tax accountant maintain a clear picture of their finances. This allows them to expand their company and start new projects. The accountant manages payroll requirements for the company. This allows the owner to direct their focus on core business requirements. To acquire these services now, contact Advantage Payroll Services and schedule an appointment today.

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