Why Choose Companies Buying Judgment Solutions

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Financial Services

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A judgment lien happens when someone files and wins their lawsuit against you, recording the judgment against the property in which you own. The lien gives a creditor the ability to take over possession of your real property if you can’t fulfill the contract obligations. Small businesses and individuals may have a lien property for sale, which means a creditor has a lien or judgment against you, and you wish to sell to a company to get out from under the lien. This process is legitimate and legal; however, many people worry that it will be hard to find such a company willing to do that.

Mayflower Capital Company does specialize in judgment purchasing of vehicles, real estate, and other personal property. This niche company is available for you and offers a complete judgment purchase service for cash. This means that you can call a representative and request a purchase of your lien/judgment, which can include tax liens, contract-for-deeds, mortgages, land contracts, bankruptcy liens, and much more. They handle all the work for you and don’t require any fees, which means you get through the process much easier. Plus, when it’s all over, you get cash in your hand that you can use for any reason.

Selling your judgment can seem too good to be true, but some companies can help you. The things to consider include making sure that the service is free; the company shouldn’t take out a fee for doing the work. For one thing, it is there to help you, and for another, the company gets hold of real property that can be sold later. You should also look for a company that has staff who are competent, quick, and professional at every turn. This is a challenging and stressful time, and you want it to go quickly.

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