Options for Protection with Auto Insurance in Santa Cruz

by | Sep 17, 2018 | Insurance

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Auto insurance is required by law, and it can be a large bill that must be paid each month. Many people pay more than they can afford or go without insurance due to the high rates from some companies. It is important to speak with a representative before you sign up for an insurance policy. There are many options that customers often do not know about. Many insurance companies also offer discounts that are not advertised. Consider these different options to help keep your insurance rates low.

Deductible and Discounts

When there is an accident or other damage to your car, the total amount of a payout is reduced by the amount of your deductible. The convenience of a low deductible often comes with much higher rates. Try taking a higher deductible to lower your rates. There are several options for auto insurance in Santa Cruz.

Most companies offer discounts on auto insurance, but you need to ask for them. You can often save money if you are a good student, for taking a defensive driving course, and for purchasing home insurance with the same company. The mileage on your car and the number of miles that you drive can also make a difference.

Limited Coverage

It is common to ask for full-coverage auto insurance and simply deal with the high cost. There are options for less coverage that still leave you driving legally. Liability insurance is the least amount of coverage possible. If you have a wreck, this version only covers the expenses of the other party’s car. Your car cannot be repaired with an insurance payout. You do not have to drop your coverage this low, however, to save money. You can choose less injury coverage in many cases, as well. These options are feasible when you do not drive much, or you need to lower your bills for a few months. Contact Coast Auto Insurance to find out about options to save money.

Auto insurance is a necessity, yet it often does not fit well into the budget. Take the time to discuss all discount options with a representative before you agree on a policy. You can also limit your coverage while you get caught up on bills.

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