Why You Should Buy Ethereum, Find a Location in Los Angeles

With digital currency continuing to be on the rise, many people are contemplating new ways to pay. If you buy Ethereum, you’re getting involved in a promising technology that’s sure to be a hit. While it started in 2015, it has since grown by approximately 45,836 percent, making it an exciting new venture for those in Los Angeles.

It has helped transform people into millionaires seemingly overnight, but you shouldn’t expect to get rich quickly. Even though it has skyrocketed in value, most people aren’t sure what it is or why it’s such a good investment.

Ethereum isn’t just digital currency. It’s an open-source blockchain-based computing platform, which means it is usually used as a platform or way to develop other groundbreaking applications. The digital currency that allows these applications to run is called Ether. When you buy it, you’re technically buying Ether, but many use the terms interchangeably.

More Applications than Bitcoin

Digital currencies tend to have many selling points. Most of them use the blockchain technology and have finite market caps. They’re free from hyperinflation, big banks, and any individual can get into the mix.

Bitcoin was one of the first to operate on the blockchain network and each transaction you make records itself as a block, which is attached to many other blocks. Bitcoin is a public ledger, so anyone participating can see any transactions being made. While their technology is fairly basic, Ethereum uses the same technology differently, allowing them to give more promise to users and developers.

It’s also written in Turing-complete language, which allows it to run any algorithm and script. They also record the blocks faster than Bitcoin.

If you want to buy Ethereum In Los Angeles, visit RockItCoin and learn more about this blockchain technology and how you can invest.

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