Reverse Mortgage Virginia Beach and Its Benefits

by | Apr 3, 2012 | Loans

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Reverse mortgage refers to a situation where senior citizens can access the cash that has built up on the value of their home. There are quite a number of programs in reverse mortgage Virginia Beach. Each mortgage program has different components and operates differently. With reverse mortgage, all interest is paid at the end of the loan rather than at the beginning. The monthly cash payments will be paid by the mortgage company to the home owner. Seniors who can access reverse mortgages have to be 62 years or older.

Mortgage companies usually offer such mortgages among a variety of other mortgage programs to clients. It is important to find a mortgage company that has the client’s interest at heart for the best mortgage in the market today. In order to maintain viability for the reverse mortgages, the homeowner has to maintain a debt free home. There are other various criteria that are used to determine the mortgage amount that a home owner can receive. The following are just some of the benefits of reverse mortgage Virginia Beach.

1. This mortgage helps to strengthen individual and financial independence. This is because most of the individuals in this age bracket are past retirement age and are not guaranteed to hold steady employment. Therefore having access to these monthly payments enables them to achieve some financial independence.

2. With such mortgage programs, individuals at this age can access the finances they need to pay for healthcare and other needs. At this age these individuals have a lot of medical bills to tackle due to health problems related to age.

3. Most debt free homes are best qualified for reverse mortgage Virginia Beach. For a home to be debt free it means that the homeowner maintains the property tax and insurance payments. Therefore the homeowner will never lose their home due to foreclosures. Foreclosures are the most common ways through people lose their homes with no other alternative home arrangements.

4. The best thing about this mortgage program is that criteria for qualification are not based on whether or not one is employed. Even without income, homeowner can access the mortgage program and all its benefits. This is quite reasonable considering the fact that seniors cannot hold steady employment.

5. The homeowner can also use the reverse mortgage as a credit line. In case of any credit needs, the individual can draw upon the mortgage. The homeowner will be able to get cash and also maintain a credit line with the mortgage.

6. Another major benefit of the reverse mortgage Virginia Beach is the ability to maintain all Medicare and social security benefits which are all very important to senior citizens.


Reverse mortgage has quite a number of other benefits. To find out the reverse mortgage that you are qualified for, how to apply for the mortgage Viginia Beach and the details about the interest rates, visit, your one stop for all your mortgage information needs.



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