There Are Many Types Of Accountants

by | Apr 10, 2012 | Financial Accounting

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The field of accounting is very broad and diverse. Accountants are found in just about every company or corporation, no matter the industry. This is because they are very important in keeping a business running. Knowing where their money is going and, most importantly, knowing the company’s bottom line profit, is what matters most to business owners and corporations. Accountants are the ones who keep these numbers up to date and in the hands of the people in charge. So you can see why, no matter what the business, accounting services are a must.

You can find accountants at a number of different pay rates too. For example, the pay scales of accountants Williamsburg, VA have in the area are quite diverse. Some make a modest salary or hourly wage just sitting at a desk or cubicle in a room full of other accountants. They must churn out a never ending series of calculations and reports. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum are accounts who are one of the primary leaders of the company. They may have their own office and subordinates.

A chief financial officer (CFO) is one such type of accountant. He or she is typically on the same level, or nearly, as the Vice President of a company. They are likely in charge of one or more departments of people like payroll, inventory, expenses and more. They also typically manage a number of supervisors, managers and general accountants.

A general accountant is who we normally think of as the classic “pencil pusher.” Accountants Williamsburg, VA has in the area will be able to do calculations and make adjustments with basic data to get to the numbers required by management. They may specialize in one department like expense reporting, or they may handle a multitude of general data.

Bookkeepers are often considered more of an entry level accounting position. They are responsible for tracking and recording data, therefore, much of their day consists of data entry. Even being on a lower tier of the accounting hierarchy, they are still an essential part of a business and therefore there are definite growth opportunities.

A certified public accountant (CPA) may be employed by a company but often works independently. They are called in to handle auditing needs. A CPA’s primary duty is to verify that data and numbers are correct so, in a sense, an accountant is checking up on an accountant. These types of accountants are licensed by law.

Other types of accountants Williamsburg, VA offers are called forensic accountants. This may sound like their job is to audit dead people! However, this position refers to a person who is called in to help investigate crimes involving money. For example, they may be called in situations of money laundering, fraud or embezzlement.


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